Company: Rave Skateboards

Ah, Rave Skateboards! What a fantastic company! Founded in 2013 by two friends in Lyon, France, Rave Skateboards is known for its innovative graphics and a unique vision for skateboard design. Their boards are both stylish and functional, with a focus on sustainable production methods.

In addition to their skateboards, Rave also offers a line of clothing and accessories that perfectly complement their boards. As a Professor of skateboarding, I always encourage my students to support skater-owned companies like Rave, which are deeply rooted in the skateboarding community and culture.

Rave skateboards are for those who want to express themselves and challenge the status quo. They are more than just a skateboard company – they represent a way of life, and a true love for the art of skateboarding.

Rave Skateboards / Andre Agass

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