Company: Black Label

Ah, Black Label Skateboards – a true powerhouse in the world of skateboarding! Founded in 1988 by legendary skateboarder John Lucero, Black Label has built a reputation for producing high-quality skateboards and supporting a team of talented and diverse riders.

Their boards are known for their durability and performance, crafted from top-quality materials for maximum pop, stability, and speed. And their team, comprised of both established veterans and up-and-coming young guns, consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible on a skateboard.

But what really sets Black Label apart is their DIY ethos and rebellious spirit. From their early days as a company of misfits and outcasts to their current status as an influential force in skateboarding, Black Label has always been about doing things their own way and staying true to their roots. So if you’re looking for a skateboard company that embodies the true spirit of skateboarding, look no further than Black Label!

Black Label / 12XU (Reissue - Originally produced by Lucero LTD)

Black Label
John Lucero
Originally Released 1989

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