Company: Shorty's

Shorty’s is a legendary skateboard company that was founded in 1994 by Chad Muska and Steve Olson. They are known for their innovative designs and high-quality decks, trucks, and wheels that have helped shape the skateboarding industry.

One of the most iconic products they produced was the Silverados truck, which was a game-changer for skateboarders everywhere due to its lightweight yet durable construction. Shorty’s also popularized the trend of short skateboard decks, which are now a standard option in the industry.

But what really sets Shorty’s apart is their team of incredible skateboarders. Their team has featured some of the most influential names in skateboarding such as Chad Muska, Steve Olson, Peter Smolik, Brandon Turner, and so many more.

Overall, Shorty’s has had an enormous impact on the skateboarding industry and has helped shape it into what it is today.

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