Company: Enemy of the State

Ah, Enemy of the State! Well, as a Professor of skateboarding, I could go on for hours about this rad company. To put it simply, Enemy of the State is one of the pioneers in the industry when it comes to making high-quality skateboard components, including boards, wheels, and even bearings.

What sets Enemy of the State apart from the rest of the competition is their unwavering commitment to using the best materials available and employing the latest technology in their production processes. The result? Skateboards that not only look incredible but that are also perfectly suited for everything from grinding rails to cruising through the park.

But, what I admire most about this company is their unwavering support for the skateboarding community. They regularly sponsor events and competitions, provide scholarships to young skaters, and are dedicated to promoting the sport in a positive and inclusive manner.

Overall, Enemy of the State is a stellar example of what happens when you combine passion, creativity, and innovation in skateboarding.

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